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Make Informed decisions with business intelligence.
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Time is a precious resource in driving business growth. With real-time insights on customer behaviour, you can make timely, and accurate decisions to improve profitability and differentiate your business in the marketplace.
The Qmatic orchestra Business Intelligence integration optimizes your wholesome business data, providing you with actionable insights at a glance. With the interactive dashboard, analytics report and statistics, you can monitor your operations and forecast trends to provide a seamless experience for your customers.


5 years average Return-on-investment of Business Intelligence
Business leaders believe that big data will revolutionize business operations, just like the Internet did.
Global companies increasing investment in big data.

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Monitor your overall business performance at a glance in real-time.

With the Qmatic BI solution in action, you can monitor your overall business performance at a glance. Just view, zoom and slide over your mobile devices and desktop. You wouldn’t miss a bit of it. And every correctional action you take will be accurate and timely.
Monitor your business performance on a customizable dashboard: From the counter, customer bookings, employee interaction, etc., you are in total control of all your business interactions.
Gain total visibility into business performance in all branches with KPIs, and specific industry metrics.
Attend to technical issues as they arise.

Analyse your business performance with report and analytics

The Qmatic BI tool presents meaningful reports and statistics on your business performance across zones, branches, and departments. With its intuitive and logical interface, you can measure your business performance and make well-informed decisions. The tool empowers you to:
Measure the efficiency of your branches with drag-and-drop data fields and point-and-click analytics.
Empower your employees to make informed decisions at real-time with the web-based mobile business analytics.
Analyze customer journey management data to pinpoint the most important business metrics and trends to improve customer experience

Leverage on customer data to shape your business strategies and impact profitability:

With customer data you can predict the projection of business, predict future revenue and projection of your market. The orchestra enables you to:
Forecast your customer acquisition growth rate.
Predict market projections by estimating trends in customer behaviour.
Predict customer traffic in your branches.


Insightful business decisions .
Improve data profitability.
Improve customer journey
Promote customer retention
Optimize customer journey
Make efficient marketing campaigns

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