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In today’s business world, it’s expedient that you understand the customer journey through your experience points. Customers today choose their path, engage and interact with different channels, shift preferences and take different routes to reach their destination.
Customer journey management enables you to monitor these paths, discover trends and create a seamless experience for your customers, thereby, boosting brand loyalty and increasing revenue.

Identify customer touchpoints. Answer the “who?”, “where?” and “how?”

With ELTAJ’s customer journey management solution, you can Identify how each customer segment interacts with your business, the channels with which they interact with your personnels and their behaviour during the interactions. The customer management software will enable you to:
See how customer switch between devices (mobile, desktop)
Modify channel preference to monitor customer channel behaviour for each customer segment.
Use surveys and forms to collect data on customers' interaction with employees.

Measure the customer data from their interactions and process thousands of events at real-time to see how the interaction will affect the end-to-end journey. With Eltaj system, you...

Measure the customer data from their interactions, process hundreds of thousands of events at real-time to see how the interaction will affect the end-to-end journey. With ELTAJ’s system, we
Measure footfall and transaction data
Analyse customer activity and interaction
Monitor-end-to-end customer transaction
Monitor, analyse and optimize service.
Monitor VOC to gain customer perception

Make the most use of processed data to optimize the customer experience.

With insights on the customer journey, you can optimize for each touchpoint to improve customer satisfaction and boost revenue. With our consultation service, we identify
Opportunities to improve customer experience, making recommendations and, standing on hand to implement whenever required.
Provide pilots to test out our recommendations in real-time in order to lead up to full implementation.

Main benefit of customer journey management

Identifying holes and filling them with a seamless experience
Improve customer experience
Strengthen customer relationship
Promote customer retention
Drive overall business growth

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