Centralized Enterprise Operations

Manage your enterprise operations from a centralised location
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An enterprise’s business operation is a complex web of activities. And, it’s a slippery slope into a ditch of horror if these activities are not controlled and managed properly.
With ELTAJ’s distributed operation solution, you can manage your business operations from a centralised system and create a seamless customer journey across all branches.

Install a customizable hub in all locations to a central server

Visualise a clustered web of Qmatic components (Orchestra server, Business intelligence) that allows you to seamlessly manage a network of branches and ease the workflow with or without high network bandwidth
That how the Qmatic hub works:
It’s a cloud based software or hardware component that can be installed on-premise in your locations.
It’s connected to a central server somewhere in your head office.
It Integrates with enterprise orchestra 7, intro 17 self service kiosk to create a digital ecosystem.
The hub collects data from all locations.

Main Benefits of Distributed Operations

Manage enterprise workflow from centralised location.
Create a consistent customer experience.
Gain actionable insights from location data.
Achieve Seamless integration with other systems.
Design a cost effective system infrastructure.

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