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Deliver a consistent banking experience for customers with smart digital branch transformation
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Customer experience with the banking system has improved drastically. With the mass adoption of online banking, customers can perform banking transactions in their homes. However, more complex transactions like issuing of documents, BVN activation can only be performed face-to-face in physical branches. And, it is expedient that their journey is seamless in your branches as is on other channels. This is where smart digital branch transformation comes to play.
Customers want face-to-face branch service
Customers are willing to pay more for a better experience
Bank leaders agree that customization gives competitive edge

Seamless interaction from mobile to physical branch

Customers can find preferred branches online and schedule an appointment before walking into your premises.
On arrival, customers can use the Self Service Kiosk to check-in and queue remotely.
At the end of the appointment , collect feedback on customer satisfaction.

Engage customers with the right content while they wait to be served

Inform customers on their real-time queue status.
Upsell your product and services by displaying targeted-ads to the right customer segment on a queue.
Reduce actual and perceived wait time by engaging visitors with valuable content.

Leverage customer feedback to shape the experience.

Gain full insight about customers, their needs, and trends.
Improve experience from customer feedback data
Cross-sell other products based on the customers segment.

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With the queue-management solution, you can provide a consistent experience at each touchpoint of the customer journey- and reduce queue time at your branches. Our system integrates seamlessly with other back-end systems and third-party applications to provide an ecosystem of digital service

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