Reduce Queue Time By Optimizing Customer Journey

Customers say queue time is annoying, time-wasting and suffocating. The queue management system changes that.
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As an enterprise, you want your customers to be happy with your services. You know, to promote brand loyalty and in turn improve sales and boost your revenue.
With the Qmatic Solo, you can manage customer flow, streamline their customer journey and maintain social distancing rules. Thereby, obeying Government's directives on COVID-19 while contributing your quota in flattening the curve.
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Reduce customers’ waiting time in your branches by empowering them to schedule appointments virtually.

Online Scheduler
Customers can schedule an appointment online before or after walking into your premises.
Mobile Ticketing
Customers scan QR codes to get virtual tickets, queue remotely and receive a real-time update on their position on the queue.
Ticketing Kiosk
Customers can choose their preferred service and get a waiting ticket.


Engage customers with the right content while they wait to be served

Every minute a customer spends interacting with your business is an opportunity to keep them delighted and make them come back for more. This is where the digital signage solution comes in.
Inform customers on their real-time queue status.
Upsell your product and services by displaying targeted-ads to the right demographics on a queue
Reduce actual and perceived wait time by engaging visitors with valuable content.


Gain actionable insights on customers behaviour in all your branches

Transform your branches into smart branches to monitor and manage customer behaviour when they wait to earn your service. With Eltaj’s Business intelligence tool, you get real-time data on your service, wait time and customer behaviour.
Track number of customers, average wait time and average service time to improve queue experience.
Monitor and update the content on your digital signage.
Immediately assign employees when a new queue emerges.
Monitor, analyse and optimize service.
Track branch, employee and service performance remotely.

Main Benefit Of Smart Queue Management System

Reduce customer wait time
Promote social distancing
Make customers happy with your service
Empower your employees to work more efficiently
Boost your revenue with cross-selling
Create a seamless customer journey.
Take control of branches remotely in real-time.

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