Smart Digital Transformation For Traditional Retail

A duel between your traditional retail market and an ecommerce website. How do you win?
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Technology has changed how customers buy products and services. And they usually have to decide on jumping on a queue in your store or ordering from an ecommerce site. With ecommerce making a whopping $3.45billion, traditional retail must ensure to create the digital experience customers seek when purchasing products and services face-to-face. With ELTAJ’s customer experience solution ( queue management system, customer feedback, business intelligence) - you can create a seamless digital experience in your retail stores to provide hassle free service for your customers, increase the efficiency of your workers and boost revenue.

Reduce customer actual and perceived queue time

On arrival, the customer registers with the qmatic solo.
Customers proceed to shop and wait for their turn before proceeding to the counter.
Announce the customer’s turn using their first name or notify them with email messaging.

Engage customers with the right content while they wait to be served

Inform customers on their real-time queue status with their first name.
Upsell your product and services by displaying targeted-ads to the right customer segment on a queue.
Engaging visitors with valuable content.

Leverage customer data to shape the experience.

Collect report and analytics on customers’ activity
Gain full insight about customers. Their needs, and trends.
Improve experience from customer feedback data

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With the queue-management solution, you can provide a consistent experience at each touchpoint of the customer journey- and reduce queue time at your branches. Our system integrates seamlessly with other back-end systems and third-party applications to provide an ecosystem of digital service

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