Implement A Remote Queuing System

How to solve for queue frustration? Just allow your customers queue with their mobile devices.
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Nobody likes to stand long hours waiting in line to receive a service. It is a valid problem that makes businesses lose customers to competitors. With the world going virtual, queues can also go virtual. With ELTAJ’s virtual queuing system, customers schedule appointments online, wait in line remotely and receive quality service with little or no hassle.

Customers complete queuing processes on their devices

Mobile Ticketing - customer scan QR codes to get virtual tickets, queue remotely and receive a real-time update on their position on the queue.
Online appointment booking- Customers can schedule an appointment online before or after walking into your premises.
Check-in and serving apps - Staff can get out from behind a counter and onto the service floor to serve visitors directly.
Email and sms- Inform customers on their real-time queue status.

Gain actionable insights into customers’ behaviour

Transform your branches into smart branches to monitor and manage customer behaviour while they wait to get served. With ELTAJ’s Business intelligence tool, you get real-time data on your service, customer wait time and customer behaviour.
Track number of customers, average wait time and average service time to improve queue experience.
Collect customer feedback to know how satisfied they are with your service.
Monitor and analyse data to optimize service.
Monitor VOC to gain customer perception

Main Benefits of Virtual Queuing System

Reduce wait time.
Improve customer experience
Increase staff efficiency and productivity
Empower your employees to work more efficiently
Boost your revenue with cross-selling and upselling.
Create a seamless customer journey.
Take control of branches remotely in real-time.

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